Sunday, 12 August 2012

Saturday, 11 August 2012

a hey just got back

Just got back from my cottage and I am happy to see all my reviews for my blog and stay tuned for new vids

Thursday, 2 August 2012

iPhone 4 and Intro

iPhone 4 

Ok I just got the news from my mom and I am getting a iPhone 4 how awesome is that so we are gonna have some epic stop motions and Slideshows for Allison video also has........


Ok and I give Anna Basilmentos a lot of the credit cause she inspired me to make the intro and this blog and my YouTube Channel so give Anna a hand. 
Thx Anna 
From Noelle  

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

My dolls

Ok I have been collecting American girl dolls since 2008 Christmas yes that's when I got my first American girl doll and I though I would share with you the dolls that I have soo first I have
Annabell just like you # 21 old
Chrissa GOTY 2009
Minutes after chrissa was
Julie 1970's historical released 2007
Lanie GOTY 2010
Allison just like you #39
Kanani GOTY 2011
Lauren just like you #72


The Cottage!!!!

I just wanted too say that were going to the cottage and and i am bringing 3 of my dolls lanie Lauren and Kanani

so exited 


Hey this is Julie and Allison and look what we found on moms computer her doll wish list....why would she want more when she has us!!! Ugh just take a look
Julie & Allison 😡


Welcome to my channel your welcome to check out all the stuff on my Blog and I just welcome all and yeah so bye